Philosophy That Rhymes | James Fitzpatrick

Philosophy That Rhymes

A poetry anthology by Dr James Fitzpatrick

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Written over 20 years as a paediatrician and researcher in some of Australia's 'hardest to reach populations and places', Dr James Fitzpatrick's poetry reveals deep insights and stirs raw emotions.

This collection epitomises the medical humanities—the coming together of art, science and sheer hard work—to reflect on life, medicine, sorrow, hope and love in the heart of Australia. 

Laying testament to the power of poetry, some of the country's most intractable issues are taken on through verse. This includes devastating Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, a field in which James is a leading expert.



The collection is made up of four leather-bound books.  

The first book, Plenty, explores the challenges of children's lives in contemporary remote Aboriginal communities, and presents a call to action on pragmatic and strategic efforts to improve outcomes.

Books two and three, Outback and At Sea, offer a rollicking narrative of the people and places 'at the fringes', places that few venture into yet all are intrigued by.

The final book, About the Author, is an introspection on family, friends, and the challenges faced by leaders in any field of endeavour.



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